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Advanced lighting system for LNT production studio

At the end of July Hannu Pro handed over to LNT (Latvian Independent Television) a new production studio, located in the company's premises in Elijas street in Riga. Hannu Pro, as the general contractor, coordinated the construction works and the modification of the 300 m² hall to studio requirements and delivered and installed all the equipment. The studio lighting project was developed by Hannu Pro utilizing energy efficient Balcar fluorescent lights. More than 50 individually adjustable elements located at a height of 6m provide excellent ambience lighting of the whole hall and precise local illumination of relevant spots thanks to the well designed pantograph system. Important advantages of the system are high quality illumination, which eliminates unwanted shadows, and a high level of energy efficiency in comparison to traditional incandescent lights. The maximum energy consumption of the whole system is only 13 kW. The system is controlled by state-of-the-art ADB controller equipment and can be dynamically adjusted in the entire hall or in separate locations by means of a convenient controller console. In addition to putting in place the lighting systems, Hannu Pro also istalled background screens including three 6m tall curtains: black light absorbent treatment and adjustable one for ambient lighting around the whole facility, as well as a bluescreen, which completely covers one wall of the hall. The new LNT studio project is one of the largest and most advanced in Latvia and was developed and implemented (construction works, equipment delivery and installation) using only local labour and engineering personnel. The total investment in the studio is EUR 250 000.
LNT production studio

LNT studio - controller consoleLNT studio - bluescreen

LNT studioLNT studio - Balcar lightsLNT studio
Hannu Pro engineers perform system tests
for various ligthing conditions.

LNT studio - BalcarLNT studio - Balcar

LNT studio - BalcarLNT studio

LNT studioLNT studio - system controllsLNT studio - machine room

LNT studio - bluescreen



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