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HOT - Grass Valley news
Grass Valley publishes LDX series videos
To provide better insight in LDX series broadcast camera range Grass Valley has published a series of introduction videos. Extensive collection of video clips provide detailed look at the features of the LDX Series, LDX Compact series, XCU camera control unit, transmission, and accessories.

»»» we encourage to check them out here!

Grass Valley - LDX series information

Grass Valley selected to outfit ESPN new HD broadcast facility and provide transition to HD at Russia's TTC Ostankino
Grass Valley continues playing important role in transition to HD. At the beginning of December company announced two new important projects. During the first half of 2014 Grass Valley will equip ESPN's HD Digital Centre broadcast facility (six control rooms and four studios) in Bristol with three Ignite automated production systems and three Kayenne video production centres with K2 Summit 3G servers and will supply 40 LDX WorldCam camera systems to replace current LDK models in ESPN's Digital centre 1 facility. One more Ignite system will be supplied to ESPN's Southstream Conference network.

»»» read the full ESPN story on Grass Valley website
Meantime TV Centre Ostankino, the largest broadcast production company in Eastern Europe, continues cooperation with Grass Valley in migration to HD. During 2012 company started transition with 24 LDK 8000 Elite 3G camera systems along with 14 LDX Flex cameras and four Karrera Video Production centres. During 2013 another 36 LDX Flex cameras were supplied. Upgrade process will be continued in 2014 with 26 more LDX Flex cameras and four more Karrerra Video production centres. This will allow TTC Ostankino to produce superior HD programming in all 13 of its studios in Moscow.

»»» read the full Ostankino story on Grass Valley website

Grass Valley provides tools for ESPN and Ostankino

Grass Valley launches EDIUS World - support site for users
At IBC 2013 Grass Valley announced the launch of EDIUS World, which will serve as a central repository for all things EDIUS: user tips from real users, not some engineer locked in a back room that never sees the light of day and doesn't know how things work in the real world; an extensive knowledge base, product documentation, tech support, case studies; the great EDIUS User Forums; useful downloads and more. Current sections of EDIUS World include Edification - knowledge base sharing; EDIUS in Action - case studios and user video sharing; About EDIUS - general EDIUS information including detailed specifications and hardware compatibility; Support - Online manuals, FAQ section and user forum; and Downloads.

»»» EDIUS World - check it out now!

EDIUS World - support site for EDIUS users

Grass Valley introduces EDIUS 7 - the next version of its popular editing software
Grass Valley introduces new EDIUS 7 - native 64-bit video editing software for Windows 7/8 64-bit systems and MAC systems with Parallels installed. EDIUS 7 supports third-party I/O hardware including Blackmagic Design, real-time multi-track editing of 4K videos, and editing of different file formats and resolutions. It is available in two versions: EDIUS Pro 7 for stand-alone users and EDIUS Elite 7 for networked editing environments. EDIUS Elite 7 includes all features of EDIUS Pro 7 plus direct access to Grass Valley K2 for video editing-in-place, K2 Clip Capture supporting K2 SAN workflow, Simul Edit (simultaneous editing of live ingested video) and interchange of GV STRATUS clips and sequences. Users can easily upgrade from Pro to Elite.

»»» for details, please, check EDIUS 7 specification sheet
»»» find out more about plug-in compatibility here
»»» complete product description available at Grass Valley site

Grass Valley EDIUS 7

Watch the latest Grass Valley product tutorials on Youtube
For your convenience Grass Valley offers the latest product tutorials on Youtube. You are welcome watch them.

HOT - an introduction to DV Director integrated production system

You can find even more useful Grass Valley videos on Grass Valley Youtube channel.

»»» K2 Dyno S Replay System Tutorials
»»» Kayenne and Karrera Operational Tutorials
»»» Kayenne and Karrera Configuration Tutorials
»»» Channel Composer Tutorial

Grass Valley Youtube

Grass Valley makes unique offer - buy an extra functionality
for LDX as required

Grass Valley has developed new LDX series broadcast cameras with unique optional functionality feature - you can purchase temporary functionality licences as required. Now you can buy an LDX Flex camera and later, when needed, upgrade it to full LDX Premiere, LDX Elite or LDX WorldCam functionality with permanent or temporary 7-day software licences. This unique offering allows you to effectively allocate financial resources when certain functionality is required. Upgradeable functionality includes support for additional formats, lens error and colour correction algorithms, as well as other features.

»»» for details please read .pdf document

Grass Valley - LDX series

Grass Valley announces new revolutionary developments
NAB - the annual broadcasting technology forum is due in April in Las Vegas. Grass Valley has already announced some exciting products, which mark new horizons for further developments and take content production (image acquisition and mixing) to the next level.
Most notable of new Grass Valley developments are GV Director - an integrated non-linear production system; LDX Flex - new affordable addition to LDX series broadcast cameras; XCU - new exchangeable camera base station to remotely control LDX and LDK series broadcast cameras; new version of the Stratus advanced production platform, as well as other storage and multi-viewer solutions. Stay tuned for more.

Grass Valley - GV Director

Watch the latest Grass Valley product tutorials on Youtube
Grass Valley has started publishing product tutorial video series on Youtube. You are welcome watch them.

»»» K2 Dyno S Replay System Tutorials
»»» Kayenne and Karrera Operational Tutorials
»»» Kayenne and Karrera Configuration Tutorials
»»» Channel Composer Tutorial

You can find even more useful Grass Valley videos on Grass Valley Youtube channel.

Grass Valley Youtube

Russia's TTC Ostankino upgrades 11 studios to HD with Grass Valley
Television Technical Centre Ostankino, the largest broadcast production company in Eastern Europe, will offer HD capabilities to its broadcast clients and partners, following the upgrade of 11 studios with Grass Valley camera and switcher solutions. This two-year investment project includes the installation of 100 LDK 8000 Elite 3G Transmission triax camera systems and two Karrera 3 M/E Video Production Centre switchers.

»»» complete press release available at Grass Valley website
»»» check out also Maori Television Grass Valley experience


Ostankino gets equipped with Grass Valley

IBC 2012 - Grass Valley shows a number of new developments
IBC 2012 - the largest in Europe broadcast technology forum has closed. During this forum Grass Valley took the bold step revealing a product roadmap for the next three years that includes refreshing its entire product portfolio with a common, software-centric architecture that allows customers to pick the exact features and functionality of the cameras, production switchers and servers. New products to be introduced before 2014 will be format agnostic, will provide complete integration and support for 1080p 50/60 workflow.

»»» for more product news from IBC check our IBC 2012 news page


IBC 2012 hot news

Grass Valley offers cross-grade promotion for its EDIUS NLE
EDIUS Pro 6.5 continues to deliver best-in class mixed format editing, extensive native codec support, and unrivalled real-time capabilities. Grass Valley now offers cross grade package for its EDIUS nonlinear editing software towards users of other nonlinear editing systems. EDIUS Pro 6.5 is available at a price of EUR 299 for current users of:
Adobe Premiere, AVID Media Composer, AVID Liquid, AVID Symphony, Sony Vegas, Apple FinalCut Pro, and Grass Valley EDIUS 1/2/3/4/5.

»»» for details contact your local Hannu Pro representative


Grass Valley EDIUS 6.5 cross-grade offer

Grass Valley exhibits Olympic effort in London
With more than 200 cameras, three dozen production switchers, and 30 replay systems in venues across London, Grass Valley is out in full force at the Olympics. The company is currently supporting the broadcast backbone for numerous events and broadcast-rights holders, including Russia, Brazil, and Estonia. Grass Valley is supporting both ERR’s coverage of the Olympics from London as well as in the Estonian capital, Tallinn. Estonia’s rights holder is currently using the K2 Dyno Replay System, seven LDK 8000 Elite cameras, and a Kayak HD production switcher in Tallinn. Beyond the visiting broadcast-rights holders, Grass Valley gear is supporting the broadcast infrastructure at various venues throughout London, including Olympic Stadium, North Greenwich Arena, Basketball Arena, Old Trafford, Handball Arena, ExCeL, and Wembley Arena.

»»» read full story on Sports Video Group website - sportsvideo.org


London Olympics with Grass Valley

UEFA Euro 2012 live coverage is widely supported by Grass Valley equipment
Live coverage of this year’s UEFA football championships, Euro 2012 in Ukraine and Poland, was supported by outside-broadcast (OB) trucks from across Europe that used more multiformat high-definition (HD) and super-slow-motion cameras from Grass Valley than from any other manufacturer. In total, at least 130 Grass Valley system cameras were used to cover the matches across eight cities, including at least 40 most advanced 8300 Live Super SloMo series cameras. In addition, a majority of the vision mixers used in the OB trucks were Grass Valley switchers, and several Grass Valley video routers were used for the live productions.

»»» detailed story is available on Grass Valley website


Grass Valley EDIUS 6.4

Grass Valley EDIUS 6.5 available from June 20
On February 24, Grass Valley announced new 6.5 version of EDIUS HD/3D nonlinear video editing software, which it will demonstrate at NAB 2012. Among many other improvements EDIUS 6.5 features comprehensive 3D/stereoscopic editing workflow and native support for raw footage captured with digital cinematography cameras from RED Digital.
"The Grass Valley EDIUS system continues to increase market share, due to its growing reputation as a fast, reliable, 'edit anything' editing solution," said Charlie Dunn, Executive Vice President of Products for Grass Valley.
The new EDIUS software boasts a comprehensive 3D workflow, complete with 3D stereoscopic editing tools and new 3D support directly from EDIUS timeline across its editing peripherals, such as the STORM 3G 3D and STORM 3G Elite 3D accelerator cards. EDIUS 6.5 also incorporates a new Flash exporter, many improvements to the Layouter tool, native image stabilization, built-in Loudness Meter and closed caption/audio bit stream (Dolby-E, AC-3) pass-through support.

»»» read full press release on Grass Valley website


Grass Valley EDIUS 6.4

EDIUS 3D - free video training
EDIUS beta tester Al Caudullo offers eight EDIUS 3D video training sessions free of charge. Topics cover: project organization, import and adjustment of stereoscopic video, multi-camera editing, titles, effects and more. For details, please, check 3dguy.tv
A 30-day preview version of EDIUS, that supports this 3D functionality will be available online as a free download for testing purposes until March, 2012. You need to register to download EDIUS 3D. Note: it is not recommended that you install preview version over your current EDIUS production environment.


Grass Valley EDIUS 3D training

EDIUS now includes complete 3D toolset - test it for free!
Grass Valley has unveiled a powerful 3D toolset for its EDIUS multiformat nonlinear editing software and has added 3D support for editing peripherals that provides users with a complete stereoscopic 3D postproduction workflow. The STORM 3G and STORM 3G Elite editing platforms – are both supported via the EDIUS timeline with stereoscopic 3D I/O through a single 3G SDI source and/or dual 3G SDI signals. ADVC 3G, HDSPARK, HDSPARK Pro, HDSTORM, HDSTORM PLUS, and STORM Mobile also support side-by-side and top/bottom stereoscopic video monitoring.
The new 3D support includes: native support for 3D video clips captured with the most popular 3D cameras; easy clip pairing for synching left eye/right eye clips; 2D-to-3D conversion capability; and a array of tools right on the editing timeline that make 3D adjustments – to compensate for mistakes in shooting – fast (with no transcoding necessary) and easy. Also functions available in 2D are also supported in 3D, such as realtime color correction, keyer, transitions and multicam editing. Following formats are supported for automated import - 3DA1 (Panasonic), 3DP2 (Panasonic), and MVC (Sony, Panasonic, and JVC).
A 30-day preview version of EDIUS, that supports this 3D functionality will be available online as a free download for testing purposes until March, 2012. You need to register to download EDIUS 3D. Note: it is not recommended that you install preview version over your current EDIUS production environment.


Grass Valley EDIUS 3D preview

Grass Valley announces new K2 Edge automated, multichannel, integrated (channel in a box) playout solution
In October Grass Valley announced an extension of the K2 media server family with K2 Edge, the centerpiece of Grass Valley's overall integrated playout solution. Housed in a compact 1 RU chassis, K2 Edge is a robust and proven Linux-based system with a purpose-built, high availability architecture for mission-critical 24/7 playout applications. The K2 Edge range is available in three levels of capability: K2 Edge Express, for entry level channels with minimal graphics needs; K2 Edge Pro, for main-line channels with more sophisticated graphics such as picture-in-picture; and K2 Edge Elite systems, which offer switching for up to four HD sources and multichannel 2D and 3D graphics complete with DVE moves including credit squeeze. Read complete news story on Grass Valley website.

Grass Valley K2 Edge

Grass Valley becomes global leader in video mixers and routing switchers markets and receives the Frost & Sullivan 2011 Global Market Share Leadership of the Year Award
After evaluation of Grass Valley market position within the industry in terms of revenue or units sold during 2010 for video mixers and routing switchers, Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, has awarded Grass Valley the 2011 Global Market Share Leadership of the Year Award. Grass Valley has reached this market leadership position (20.1% of video mixers market and 21.2% of routing switchers market) by virtue of its strong focus on product innovation, command over a well-oiled sales and distribution channel, and most importantly by helping their customers obtain maximum return on investment. Grass Valley's switcher portfolio for production and routing includes the Kayenne Video Production Center, Kayenne XL panel, Kalypso HD production switcher, Kayak SD/HD production switcher, KayakDD Series production switchers, Trinix NXT digital routers, Concerto Series routers, Acappella routers, Indigo AV mixer and others.

Grass Valley mixers and switchers
Grass Valley Frost&Sullivan 2011

Grass Valley NAB 2011 news overview
NAB 2011 - an international broadcasters forum - took place in Las Vegas April 11-24. Hannu Pro representatives also took part in this forum to sum up the latest news, which Grass Valley and other manufactures announced during the event. More details about about Grass Valley NAB product announcements
News from NAB also reveal increasing activities in transition to HD broadcasting - more and more TV companies and broadcasters over the world are investing in HD image acquisition, and news and programme production systems. Additional details about about latest Grass Valley projects

Grass Valley NAB 2011 news

Grass Valley product news (quarter 1-st 2011)
· Getting started with EDIUS6 - training DVD
· Storm 3G Elite - multiformat media output solution (breakout box)
· ADVC-G1 - multisignal to SDI converter
· ADVC-G2 - HDMI and SDI to analogue converter
· ADVC-G3 - SDI to HDMI converter-multiplexer
· ADVC-G4 - synchronization signal generator
· EDIUS Workgroup Storage Mini - affordable shared media storage solution and Metus media asset management for up to 5 clients.
Additional information and list prices:


Grass Valley Edius 6 - Getting started lessons DVD

Grass Valley’s LDK 8300 3X Live Super Slow-Motion HD Camera System Wins 2010 Technical and Engineering Emmy Award
Reaffirming its extensive history of innovation in both standard and high-definition camera technologies, The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) has bestowed its coveted 2010 Technical & Engineering Emmy Award to Grass Valley for the design and implementation of its LDK 8300 HD Live Super SloMo Camera System. The LDK 8300 captures full resolution HD images, natively, in multiple HD formats and high frame rates to produce the highest quality slow-motion effects possible. This Emmy will be awarded at the 2011 CES Show in Las Vegas, bringing the total count of Technical Emmy Awards won by Grass Valley to 17.
Read more at www.grassvalley.com


LDK 8300 HD Live Super SloMo wins Technical & Engineering Emmy 2010
Grass Valley wins Best of IBC2010 award for its new EDIUS 6 NLE software
The industry’s most comprehensive and powerful multi-format editing platform, EDIUS 6 from Grass Valley, has won the Best of IBC2010 award from the editors of TVB Europe and The IBC Daily. Teams from the two specialist publications collaborated at the recent IBC2010 convention in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to choose the strongest designs and winning products from the show. EDIUS 6 nonlinear editing (NLE) software was honoured as one of the most innovative and intelligent product introductions.
Read more at www.grassvalley.com Media Alert

EDIUS 6 - Best of IBC2010
World Championship Soccer in South Africa - When the World is Watching... We’re There
As a contractor to Host Broadcast Services (www.hbs.tv - Zug, Switzerland), Grass Valley is a Privileged Supplier for a full suite of broadcast equipment and integration services for the 2010 Worldwide Football Event in South Africa from June 11 through July 11, 2010.
Detailed case study is available here.
Please check also new Grass Valley Profile Manager. Via this subscription Grass Valley customers can now receive regular updates from Grass Valley and select which updates they receive

Grass Valley WorldCup 2010
Grass Valley offers solutions for new 3D dawn today
We’re well past the time when 3D was considered science fiction, but is the new dawn of 3D production and broadcasting a horror story in the making? With Grass Valley, it doesn’t have to be.Everyone is talking about it. Grass Valley is doing it. You already know that innovation and Grass Valley are synonymous. But did you know that Grass Valley products are 3D-Ready Today? Want to learn more about the 3D-ready solutions from Grass Valley? Get out your 3D anaglyph glasses (the blue and cyan colored type) and check new Grass Valley 3D internet site.
Grass Valley in 3D
Grass Valley - 50!
Grass Valley celebrates its 50-th anniversary and launches Take 5 campaign to promote five superb products, which perfectly integrate in any compact or advanced production-broadcasting workflow
Grass Valley Take 5
Read how you can benefit from Take 5 at grassvalleytakefive.com
Grass Valley Take 5
Grass Valley Aurora
Top reasons to by the Aurora production suite explained
Top reasons to by the Aurora production suite
Grass Valley Aurora
Grass Valley Switcher blog
The Grass Valley Switcher product line has established a public on-line blog to provide an additional customer link to Grass Valley. The blog is updated regularly with topics of interest to end-users and purchasers of Grass Valley switchers. The blog also contains a moderated area for posting questions regarding switchers.
Grass Valley Switcher blog

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