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2003 Eurovision song competition

On May 24, 2003 Riga Latvia proudly hosted the 2003 Eurovision song competition. This event generated interest and excitement at an unprecedented scale with the final concert earning positive commendations from many organizations involved in the perfect coordination of this impressive show. Hannu Pro engineers accepted the challenge to prove their ability to handle flawlessly the technical support of this event.

At the end of 2002, Latvian State Television announced eight open tenders for additional equipment to supplement its technical resources and provide support for the upcoming Eurovision song competition. Solutions offered by Hannu Pro engineers were acknowledged as the best in five of the eight instances. This convincing victory secured for Hannu Pro the rights to supply the equipment needed, valued nearly EUR 1 000 000. In a very compressed timescale of just a few months, an inordinate amount of work was accomplished and, by early May, Latvian State Television had taken delivery of all the required systems for event capture, processing, and transmission, which had been set up in Riga Skonto Hall (the designated broadcast facility).

The supplied systems included:
· two camera cranes and the highly regarded Steadicam system which permits extra smooth and dynamic shooting, resulting in spectacular views of the performances
· two Avid Adrenalin nonlinear digital editing and real time effects accelerator systems (delivered in cooperation with Avid Nordic) for news editing and to provide feeds to the BBC and other partner TV companies
· a mobile satellite station - SatBuss (supplied in cooperation with British Gigasat Company) with facilities to combine video from three or more sources, with processing and transmission to satellite (mobile satellite uplink) from virtually anywhere that traditional microwave communication is not possible
· Ross console with 24 SDI inputs and built-in effects, as well as a title machine with alpha key support for live broadcast.
· on location Sony Plasma screens and LCD monitors providing real-time images of the latest developments to TV journalists and other mass media representatives
· three Microwave Radio Communications (MRC) PML Millennium microwave links for secure video signal transmission between Skonto hall and Latvian State Radio and Television Centre.

Eurovision 2003 SatBussEurovision 2003 SatBuss
Eurovision 2003 SatBussEurovision 2003 SatBussEurovision 2003 Avid Adrenalin at test location 


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