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Hannu Pro customers' day 2007

The seminarsEquipment try-out

On November 30, 2007 Hannu Pro held its annual open day, accompanied by extensive seminar programme, with the theme - From shooting to premiere in 3 hours! During the seminars, held from 10 am till 4 pm in the LTV (Latvian State TV) building, all participants learned about current developments and solutions for TV programme and news production and were able to ask questions of Thomson GV, Fujinon, Vizrt, Riedel and Beyerdynamic representatives. Seminar special guests were IBC news channel engineer Iain Churchill, Thomson GV representative Pascal Dememe, Fujinon representative Kristina Soll, Vizrt representative Andrey Kolmogorov, Riedel representative Christian Baumeister and Beyerdynamic representative Gerhard Hermann. The seminar programme of presentations and demonstrations featured the following:
· NEC surveillance solutions and systems
· Actus Imago TV programme and ad monitoring system
· Thomson GV Mobile TV DVB-T/DVB-H broadcast (recently introduced in Latvia)
· Thomson GV Edius nonlinear editing system
· Thomson GV Indigo mixer and Turbo iDDR server
· Panasonic P2 cameras AG-HPX500, AJ-HPX2100 and systems
· Lite Panels LED mobile production light panels
· Cartoni tripods
· Fujinon SD and HD lens systems
· Thomson GV Infinity HD/SD EFP tape-less broadcast camera
· Thomson GV Aurora news system
· Vizrt TV graphics and channel branding systems
· Riedel intercom systems for production environments
· Beyerdynamic solutions for production and 5.1 headzone system
· Sound Devices mixer solutions for mobile recording
· Leader test equipment.


Hannu Pro TV technology seminars in LTV

Grass Valley Infinity EFP camera presentationThe participants

Sodielec systems for broadcast signal testsDVB-T and DVB-H broadcast receptionDVB-H (Mobile TV) signal reception

Thomson GV Edius NLE systemThomson GV Indigo and Turbo iDDR

Thomson GV Indigo and Turbo iDDR demonstrationVizrt representative Andrey Kolmogorov

Fujinon lenses demonstrationFujinon lenses demonstration

Fujinon lens try-outLite Panels and SWIT accessoriesNEC surveillance systems

Fujinon representative Kristina Soll provides answers to numerous questionsIntroducing Actus Imago TV monitoring system

Beyerdynamic representative Gerhard Hermann informs about Beyerdynamic product linesEdius NLE - Usefull advices from experienced professionals

Thomson GV InfinityThomson GV Infinity

Panasonic P2 camerasPanasonic P2 cameras

Hannu Pro seminarsHannu Pro seminars

Hannu Pro seminars - P2Hannu Pro seminars - Lite PanelsHannu Pro seminars - Beyerdynamic

Hannu Pro seminars

During the seminars guests were able to try out all
equipment shown and receive answers from
manufacturers' representatives.


After the seminars Hannu Pro clients were invited to the entertainment part – the annual open day evening party to enjoy live music, participate in the table hockey championship and watch dance performances. Many received useful raffle prizes. Several clients accepted the challenge and participated in the evening party movie production. It took only a few hours to film the entire material with a Panasonic AG-HPX500 camera, following a script written in advance, and to finish the production on a Thomson GV Edius nonlinear editing workstation. The premiere of the customer evening received a very positive reception and the best actors, based on decisions of an ad hoc jury, and the editor, Rihards Kluga received prizes.

Customer's evening - 3 hours from shooting to premiere!

Customer's evening is ready to rollCustomer's evening is ready to roll

Thomson GV representative Pascal DememeHannu Pro greetings to the participantsDance performances

Hannu Pro greets the customerRiedel representative Christian BaumeisterHannu Pro representative Gintars Kavacis

Dance performancesSnack bar

All questions get ansveredHable hockey championship

Hannu Pro greets the customerHannu Pro greets the customer

Customer evening starts with brief introduction to the current market developments.

Hannu Pro customers receive the draw prizesHannu Pro customers receive the draw prizes

One of table hockey championship prizes goes to Andrey KolmogorovHannu Pro customers receive the draw prizes

Hannu Pro customers receive the draw prizesHannu Pro customers receive the draw prizes

Participants of customer evening receive prizes.

The jury appreciates the evening movieThe prize for the movie editor

The prizes for the best actorsThe prizes for the best actors

Movie production in three hours.
The prizes for the best actors and the editor.

Hannu Pro customer evening


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