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Seminars at Levira 2nd Levira Digital Broadcasting Conference
DVB-T transmitters are being installed
First DVB-T tests
DVB-H tests
DVB-H broadcasting launched
DVB-T and DVB-H introduction receives LTA awards
Initial DVB-T coverage
DVB-T available in Latvia now
DVB-T and DVB-H broadcasting introduction timeline
2007, May Hannu Pro buys 100% Kempmayer Media Latvia shares for the nominal value of EUR 2.46 million
In May Hannu Pro signed a contract with Kempmayer Media Latvia shareholders to acquire 100% of KML shares after which the company name was changed to Hannu Digital. »»» read more here
2007, May LVRTC expands data network capacity
At the end of May Hannu Pro and LVRTC (Latvian State Radio and TV centre) signed a substantial contract for further development of the SDH data network to support upcoming DVB-T introduction.
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2007, Aug The second Levira conference sponsored by Hannu Pro successfully concluded
The 2nd Digital Broadcasting conference, organized by the Estonian state broadcasting company Levira and sponsored by Hannu Pro and Thomson Grass Valley, spanned August 23-24. It brought together more than 250 delegates from more than 30 countries.
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»»» detailed information and photo report available here

2007, Sep Latvia gets ready for active DVB-T and DVB-H broadcasting tests
To support faster and successful introduction of digital terrestrial broadcasting in Latvia, Hannu Pro supplied EUR 50 000 worth of equipment for LVRTC to perform DVB-T and advanced DVB-H tests.
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2007, Sep Hannu Digital brings digital terrestrial TV (DVB-T) to life in Latvia
On September 20, 2007 Hannu Digital, a Hannu Pro company, took the next step towards the introduction of digital TV broadcasts in Latvia - six 5kW DVB-T Thomson/Thales transmitters started broadcasting digital signals with nominal power covering Riga city and most of the region.
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»»» detailed information and photo report available here

2007, Oct Hannu Pro performs DVB-T signal measurements
In October Hannu Pro in cooperation with Electronic Communications Office of Latvia and LVRTC, performed two independent digital terrestrial broadcast signal tests.
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2007, Dec Latvian Association of Telecommunications presents 2007 awards
On December 12, 2007 in its annual ceremony, the Latvian Association of Telecommunications (LTA) presented awards to the best talents of the Latvian telecommunications industry for their enthusiasm, innovative ideas and contribution to the development of the telecommunications sector in Latvia including DVB-T introduction.
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2008, Feb Mobile TV services now available in Latvia
Thanks to a successful collaboration between LMT, Thomson and Hannu Pro, a Mobile TV (DVB-H) trial has been launched in Latvia.
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2009, Jan Hannu Pro will supply equipment for the launch of digital terrestrial broadcasting
In January, a tender organized by The Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia, to choose the best contender for the introduction of DVB-T in Latvia, concluded. A number of prominent industry players took part in this tender and with a resolution by the Latvian government Lattelecom - the major Latvian telecommunications provider - was acknowledged as the winner.
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2009, Feb LMT and Hannu Pro continue cooperation on DVB-H broadcasting development
LMT (Latvijas Mobilais Telefons - the largest mobile telecommunications services provider in Latvia), and Hannu Pro continue cooperation in Mobile TV services improvement.
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2009, Mar Lattelecom begins DVB-T broadcasting introduction in Latvia
In a resolution by the Latvian government, Lattelecom was selected for the introduction of digital terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-T) in Latvia. In March, Lattelecom and LVRTC (Latvian State radio and TV centre) signed a collaboration contract dealing with the use of broadcasting infrastructure throughout Latvia.
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Lattelecom introduces IPTV
Lattelecom introduces IPTV
Lattelecom IPTV monitoring system

IPTV introduction in Latvia
2006, Jul Hannu Pro and Lattelekom are developing turnkey MPEG4 IPTV solution - the first in the Baltic States
The tender to supply a complete IPTV solution for Lattelekom, the major telecommunications operator in Latvia, closed in July and a Hannu Pro solution - prepared, developed and tested in close cooperation with Optibase for more than 6 months - was chosen as the most competitive.
2006, Nov Lattelecom finishes first phase of IP TV introduction
In November, in cooperation with general subcontractor Optibase, Hannu Pro concluded RFU tests (stability tests will be finished soon) and configuration of the most advanced IP TV system in the Baltic States for Lattelecom. The leading Latvian telecommunications company will now be able to offer 21st century interactive TV services to its clients.
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»»» detailed information and photo report available here

2006, Dec Lattelecom upgrades network monitoring centre
At the beginning of December Hannu Pro and telecommunication provider Lattelecom agreed on the upgrade of company's monitoring centre.
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2007, Feb Lattelecom IP TV becomes a reality!
Under the terms of the contract between Hannu Pro and Lattelecom for the introduction of an IP TV system, on February 17, 2007, all the required IP TV system RFU and stability tests were completed, system fine-tuning was carried out and whole system was handed over the customer.
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2007, Apr Lattelecom finishes the first phase of its IPTV introduction and continues further system development
At the beginning of April, with the delivery of 3000 Set Top Box units for Lattelecom's IPTV system, the first phase of interactive TV development has finished, and the operator has completed the preparation to the launch of IPTV broadcasts.
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2007, Nov Lattelecom introduces state-of-the-art IPTV monitoring system
At the beginning of November Hannu Pro completed system component delivery and installation for the largest Latvian telecommunications provider, Lattelecom. The project is valued at EUR 61 000.
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2007, Dec Lattelecom improves and expands IP TV services
On New Years Eve Hannu Pro finished yet another Lattelecom IP TV system expansion project. The aim of this project was improvement of SAT signal reception and the addition of more TV channels.
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IPTV activities in Lithuania
2007, Mar Hannu Pro wins TEO VOD tender
The international tender to provide interactive television video-on-demand (nVOD, and VOD) systems, called by the largest Lithuanian telecommunications operator, TEO , has closed. The nVOD/VOD (video-on-demand) solution, based on Grass Valley Sapphire servers provided by Hannu Pro, was chosen as the winner.
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2007, Oct Lithuanian TEO chooses Thomson GV IPTV solution from Hannu Pro
Hannu Pro won a tender to supply an IPTV solution to Lithuania's largest telecommunications operator TEO (previously Littelekomas). The agreement between the companies involves long-term cooperation with substantial investments.
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2007, Dec Splius invests in Conax conditional access system
In December 2007 the Hannu Pro Vilnius team in cooperation with Conax engineers commissioned a Conax CAS7 conditional access system for one of the major Lithuanian cable TV operators, Splius (Telerena).
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2008, Jul TEO expands its VOD services
TEO - the leading Lithuanian telecommunications operator - recently received new equipment to support the expansion of interactive TV services, supplied under the terms of a long-term contract with Thomson and Hannu Pro.
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