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All Grass Valley products prices are local VAT 21% exclusive, if not indicated otherwise. To acquire the informaton about products not listed here, please e-mail us: mail@hannu-pro.com

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EDIUS Software (NB! - indicated are list prices without VAT) ( )

Compare EDIUS versions


EDIUS Workgroup 8
 EDIUS Workgroup 8 means more formats and more resolutions in real-time for the ability to Edit Anything, Anywhere, whether as a standalone user in the field or within network-connected production infrastructures

EDIUS Workgroup 8 introduces a new, more modular approach to using EDIUS in network-connected production infrastructures
With EDIUS Workgroup 8 you can edit growing files and connect via FTP to any supported SAN or NAS, including Grass Valley's K2 server platform
EDIUS Workgroup 8 includes Avid DNxHD native codec support as standard
With the optional K2 Connect* module you can connect to the K2 SAN and edit-in-place, and send finished pieces to K2 for playout as a rendered clip or a K2 program file
With the optional GV STRATUS Connect* module you can seamlessly interact with Grass Valley's state-of-the-art video production and content management and drag-and-drop content from GV STRATUS into EDIUS Workgroup 8
EDIUS Workgroup 8 integrates with other third-party MAM offerings too, including Metus and CatDV from Square Box Systems
EDIUS Workgroup 8 connects to our EDIUS XRE (eXternal Render Engine) a networked, dedicated workstation that renders files in the background, freeing up your EDIUS editing workstations to work on new projects
Unlike EDIUS Pro 8, EDIUS Workgroup 8 does not require an internet connection for activation and use you can activate EDIUS offline, if your network restrictions mean that an internet connection is not possible

For more info call +371 67452206

 When an editor has to wait for technology, creativity suffers. That doesn't happen with EDIUS Pro 8. EDIUS Pro 8 means more formats and more resolutions in real-time for the ability to Edit Anything, Fast

Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, has released EDIUS Pro 8, a major upgrade to its editing line and there is a 30-day trial version
EDIUS Pro 8 is at new, lower price and existing EDIUS Pro 7 users can upgrade
EDIUS Pro 8 is not subscription software. And you will continue to receive free updates and new functionality throughout the life of EDIUS 8.x
The new GV Browser tool that comes with EDIUS Pro 8 is perfect for organising your video and still image media prior to editing
EDIUS 8 is the first NLE to support Canon's recently announced XF-AVC video format
EDIUS Pro 8 takes advantage of Intels Quick Sync Video for super-fast H.264 export and amazing playback, even when editing 4K material
EDIUS Pro 8 supports the OpenFX standard for visual effects plug-ins
EDIUS Pro 8 supports the latest hardware from Blackmagic Design, and support for more third-party I/O hardware is planned for future releases

For more info call +371 67452206

EDIUS Neo 3.5
 Built on highly acclaimed EDIUS application technology, Neo gives you the ability to edit multiple formats and automate tasks, so you can work seamlessly in real-time and produce optimal results.
With Neo you: Supports mixing of all formats on the same timeline with a seamless real-time workflow; Preserve original image quality with no loss of resolution or frame rate; Enable real-time playback of three or more streams without special hardware, and export projects to multiple devices; Run Neo on laptops, desktops, and workstation systems, and input/output video from any compatible hardware; Perform faster conversions between different HD and SD resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame rates...all in real time; Perform advanced editing functions, including 3D, and automatically adjust misalignments.

For more info call +371 67452206

TitleMotion Pro
for EDIUS 6
626346Titler option for EDIUS 6 (GUI language: English)For more info call +371 67452206
VisTitle for EDIUS 6726346Titler option for EDIUS 6 (GUI language: English - plan for French and German)For more info call +371 67452206

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Grass Valley solutions for video editing ( )

Storm 3G Elite
 A breakout box with a PCIe 4X I/F card for desktop connection (4X mode: up to 1080p50/60) as well as an Express 34 card (1X mode: up to 1080i) for laptop connection. 3G-SDI embedded audio; HDMI; AES/EBU; Analogue Component (BNC: Y/Pb/Pr); Analogue Composite (BNC); Balanced analogue audio; BNC: Black Burst or Tri-Level Sync; 9-pin D-Sub: RS-422A x 2 (Master/Slave). Ships with a full version of EDIUS 6.

Additional information about Storm 3G Elite is available here
For more info call +371 67452206

with EDIUS 6
600681HDSTORM with BAY and EDIUS 6For more info call +371 67452206
STORM 3G600605STORM 3G with EDIUS 6For more info call +371 67452206
STORM 3G REF-TC Option600612STORM 3G reference Timecode optionFor more info call +371 67452206

547.10   Pro 6
600742HDSPARK PRO with EDIUS 6For more info call +371 67452206

547.10   Pro standalone
600278HDSPARK PRO without EDIUS 6For more info call +371 67452206
EDIUS SP (WR)V5640298EDIUS SP (PCIx) Board with EDIUS 5For more info call +371 67452206
EDIUS SP-SDI (WR)V5660296EDIUS SP-SDI Board with EDIUS 5For more info call +371 67452206
EDIUS SP PCIe (WR)V5600254EDIUS SP (PCIe) with EDIUS 5For more info call +371 67452206
EDIUS SP-BX (WR)630039EDIUS SP Breakout BoxFor more info call +371 67452206
EDIUS SP (WR)V5+BX650297EDIUS SP (PCIx)Board + Breakout Box with EDIUS SoftwareFor more info call +371 67452206
EDIUS SP-SDI (WR)V5+BX670295EDIUS SP-SDI Board + Breakout Box with EDIUS SoftwareFor more info call +371 67452206
EDIUS SP PCIe (WR)V5+BX670226EDIUS SP (PCIe) + Breakout Box with EDIUS 5For more info call +371 67452206

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ADVC Series & Converters ( )

 "The Grass Valley ADVC-HD50 converter lets you instantly convert uncompressed HD video and audio from HDMI devices to the HDV format, output via IEEE 1394 FireWire, for use in your nonlinear editor of choice. Carrying on the design philosophy already present with standard definition (SD) ADVC products, the ADVC-HD50 converter sports a sleek, portable design with an emphasis on simplicity and compatibility; the converter does not require any drivers or software to set up, and is compatible with both PC- and Mac-based editors.

Key Features
Connects HDMI(non-HDCP-protected)-equipped video equipment to FireWire (IEEE 1394)-equipped computers for video editing
Converts 1280x720 > 1280x720 HDV & 1920x1080 > 1440x1080 HDV
Compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating system-based HDV editors
No need to install drivers or any software applications
Powered by FireWire (IEEE 1394) connector (6pin)
NTSC- and PAL-compatible
Additional information about
is available here"
Additional information about ADVC-HD50 is available here"" >For more info call +371 67452206  

612059DV (1394) A/D converter with video signal processing includes Component output and TBC for use with color under VCRs. Component Cable is equipedFor more info call +371 67452206

61207319" Rackmounted Professional Bi-Directional DV/AV Converter. NTSC/PAL Compatible. DV/Component, S-Video, Composite Video, Balanced (XLR) and Unbalanced Stereo (RCA) Audio I/O Built-in TBC and Reference Input + LTC Time Code I/O. RS-422 Player control. LCD panel status control.For more info call +371 67452206

612103Half 1U 19" Rackmounted Professional Bi-Directional SDI/DV Converter. NTSC/PAL Compatible. Digital AES & EBU embedded audio I/O. Reference sync input and LYC I/O. Analogue Video & unbalanced audio monitor output. AV/C-RS422 command conversion function. LCD front panel status displayFor more info call +371 67452206

Grass Valley ADVC-G Series ( )

602319"Any In to SDI Multi-Functional Converter / Upconverter with Frame Synchronizer. HDMI, DVI, RGB, component, composite, S-Video, analogue audio, AES/EBU, reference inputs; (3G) HD/SD-SDI out.  
Additional information about
is available here"
Additional information about ADVC-G1 is available here"" >For more info call +371 67452206  

602333"HDMI & SDI to Analogue & SDI Multi-Functional Converter / Upconverter with Frame Synchronizer. (3G) HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, reference inputs; (3G) HD/SD-SDI, component, composite, S-Video, analogue audio, AES/EBU out. 
Additional information about
is available here"
Additional information about ADVC-G2 is available here"" >For more info call +371 67452206  

602357"2X SDI to HDMI 1.4 Converter/Multiplexer with 3D Support. (3G) HD/SD-SDI X 2 inputs; HDMI 1.4a, AES/EBU, analogue audio outputs.  
Additional information about
is available here"
Additional information about ADVC-G3 is available here"" >For more info call +371 67452206  

602371"Sync Generator with Reference In. Reference input; Outputs X 9, 48 kHz word-clock, DARS audio outputs. 
Additional information about
is available here"
Additional information about ADVC-G4 is available here"" >For more info call +371 67452206  

Transcoding Software ( )

ProCoder 3.0
606195ProCoder - Media Conversion SoftwareFor more info call +371 67452206

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Grass Valley server/streaming ( )

T2 iDDR2
T2 iDDR2 familyIntelligent Digital Disk Recorder. The T2 iDDR is a next-generation intelligent digital disk recorder (iDDR) that combines advanced nonlinear features (direct, frame-accurate access to content), with VTR-like controls. The T2 iDDR is a complete and self-contained SD and HD audio/ video playout center which delivers superb image quality, versatility, and usability. It has two playback channels and one record channel, all simultaneously and independently available, supporting full 1920x1080 (60/50/24) resolution, as well as 720p and 480i formats. The two playout channels can be used for independent playout, editing, previewing, or for delivering content to two different display systems simultaneously. The T2 iDDR has also been engineered to seamlessly integrate with Grass Valley EDIUS nonlinear editing software.

T2-iDDR2-HDD600407Intelligent Digital Disk Recorder

Call +371 67452206
T2-iDDR2-RAID600421Intelligent Digital Disk Recorder with RAID option

Call +371 67452206
T2-iDDR2-SSD600414Intelligent Digital Disk Recorder with SSD option

Call +371 67452206

K2 Dyno S
 The Grass Valley K2 Dyno Replay System is a powerful, cost-effective application addressing the need for replay control and highlight generation in file-based live productions. Ideal for events such as sports productions and OB vans, the system is an efficient solution for replay in many environments such as studios, including the replacement of legacy tape-based operations. By implementing Gigabit Ethernet networking, common file wrappers, continuous FTP bandwidth, and standard IT storage connectivity, the K2 Dyno Replay System works without costly software and hardware add-ons to manage and move content throughout production environments.

Key features:
Affordable HD/SD replay system for file-based live production
Integrated with the K2 Summit/K2 Solo media server platforms: Standard networking and storage connectivity for import/export; Built-in VGA multiviewer and SDI video monitoring; Up to 6 or 7 channels in a 2 RU K2 Summit server
Intuitive, easy-to-use controller: Color touchscreen display and multi-color buttons; Instant replay with slow-motion and super slow-motion; Precision control jog/shuttle knob
Highlight and marks creation
Integrated metadata through all production phases
Playlists with mix effect transitions per playout channel
Fast, real-time editing of playlists
Build to music or voiceovers using auxiliary audio tracks
Playback speed, effects, and pause per clip
Audio level controls for clips, and record/play channels
Simple editor integration with edit-in-place or file transfer of content
K2 Dyno Replay System content management provided by K2 Dyno Production Assistant (PA)
Easy to order K2 Dyno Replay System packages are available
Multiple K2 Dyno Replay Controllers can be used with Shared Area Network configurations

Call +371 67452206

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Grass Valley Cameras ( )

NEWThe LDX Series of software upgradable cameras enhances your creativity and gives you amazing control. Four modelsFlex, Premiere, Elite, and WorldCamoffer varying levels of operational flexibility to match every production need. The simple GV-eLicense program delivers the ability to elevate your camera's capabilities perpetually or on a 7-day term without ever compromising on quality. With LDX, your investment is safe and sound.

The LDX Series of cameras offer a new level of business flexibility by using one hardware platform with a flexible GV-eLicense upgrade model
With the highest sensitivity and image performance across different video formats, there are no extra costs for additional lighting when working to produce 3G (1080p) events and programs
Integrated 3G transmission solutions permit the use any type of camera cable with the full feature set and performance
The use of standard IT interfaces and protocols in combination with the Connect Gateway provides for the best possible integration into external control systems

Call +371 67452206

LDK-8000 Elite
 Multi-Format High-Definition Production Camera. The LDK 8000 Elite series of cameras is the latest development in the LDK 8000 family and features improved performance and new features. With three next-generation 9.2-million pixel HD-DPM+ sensors, it is the only camera available that can capture true progressive HD images natively, and switch instantly among multiple formats and frame rates. And with its 1080p origination and selectable frame rates up to 1080p60, it's a perfect match for the intense demands of today's productions.

Supports instant switching between 1080i and 720p formats at 50 and 59.94 Hz for a wide variety of applications
Supports all 1080p standard formats, including 1080p50 and 1080p60 (WorldCam version only)
and much more!

Call +371 67452206

LDK-8300 Live Super SloMo
 Live Super SloMo 1X/2X/3X Camera. The LDK 8300 high-definition (HD) camera not only operates in 3X speed but is switchable among 1X, 2X, and 3X speeds. It's perfect for all slow motion tasks in sports production while offering unmatched operational flexibility and maximum utilization. Based on our unique HD-DPM+ sensors, the LDK 8300 camera can be natively switched between 1080i and 720p formats. And its AnyLight feature eliminates flicker caused by artificial lighting.

Pickup device: 3-CCD 2/3"-type 16:9 HD-DPM+ CCDs
Picture elements: 9.2 million pixels 1920x4320
Operating modes: 1X, 2X, and 3X speed - Temporal frequencies: 720p: 50/59.94 Hz, 100/119.88 Hz, 150/179.82 Hz; 1080i: 50/59.94 Hz, 100/119.88 Hz, 150/179.82 Hz
and much more!

Call +371 67452206

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Integrated production systems ( )

GV Director
 The GV Director Nonlinear Live Production System is the ultimate multipurpose tool for live production. Integrating video switching, multi-layer effects, animated graphics, multiviewer monitoring, and moreall in a single, intuitive, and highly creative system, GV Director may pack small, but it sure produces big.

Key features:
8 HD/SD inputs and 4 HD/SD outputs
8 SDI embedded audio inputs (16 embedded audio tracks maximum), 4 SDI embedded audio outputs, 2 analog inputs, and 4 analog outputs
Multicodec video support: MPEG & DV
Standard media file import: MXF & MOV
DVI output supporting optional touchscreen monitor interface
Supported graphics formats: Targa (TGA) type 2 (uncompressed RGB) in 24-bit RGB or 32-bit RGBA formats (top/bottom-first bit supported) and BMP in 24- bit uncompressed RGB
Brand new and revolutionary nonlinear live production workflow
Small form-factor, fully integrated solution including: Switcher capability, Real-time graphics engine, Clip store/playback, Multiviewer
Empowers creative processes before and during live productions
Ease of operation emphasis on creativity not technical knowledge
Create Once and Publish Everywhere (COPE): the complete look and style of a production can be created offline with full preview via the authoring tool (Mac or PC) and published to multiple live locations

Call +371 67452206

GV Edge
 Grass Valley offers a completely integrated file-based playout solution based on an optimized IT architecture and infrastructure, as well as software tools to enable media asset management, playlist management, and sophisticated graphics looks. An experienced professional services team implements this flexible platform based on customer defined requirements. This combination creates the foundation for a powerful and unique channel enrichment solution.
Edge is an unified solution combining playlist management and media asset management, with graphics layout and branding. All components are designed to seamlessly work together for worry free deployment and low total cost of ownership. Optimized IT architecture and Infrastructure with modular scalability for multi-channel high-resiliency playout. Sophisticated graphics management and presentation for automated and complex on-screen presentations. Software licensing of features and capabilities for specific use case requirements and to reduce system obsolescence.

Key features:
Integrated content playout and sophisticated channel branding
Input source switching
Integration with channel control, content prep, and traffic system
Up to eight configurable SDI inputs and outputs
SD and HD compatible
Multichannel audio support
Integrated clips/live inputs, text, animations, voiceovers, tickers, crawls, logos, 2D and 3D effects, DVEs, WSS/AFD/VI, teletext, subtitles, and much more
Channel Composer easy to use, free-form channel design/program software
Video bypass function
High reliability, 24/7 playout
Redundant HDD and PSU

Call +371 67452206

Media workflow solutions ( )

GV Stratus
 The Grass Valley (GV) STRATUS media workflow application framework is the most complete and versatile application environment for nonlinear media production. Developed to adapt to the rapidly changing business, operational, and technology needs of the modern media enterprise, GV STRATUS is a flexible, evolvable software-centric approach that changes the way creative talent works together to efficiently produce rich, high-value content.

Industrys most complete and versatile application framework with tools for ingest, editing, content aggregation, logging, transfer, and playout
A collaborative, evolvable, and agile platform with a common user experience across media production applications, enabling more efficient operational models
Unique user experience based on efficient, desktop-based interfaces that empower creative talent to configure their environment according to the tasks at hand
Builds on proven K2 platform capabilities and leverages shared services for file formats, proxy, EDL, playlists, and metadata supporting nonlinear production
Interfaces and APIs for application integration such as enabling content exchange
Complete portfolio of professional services for design, deployment of complex projects, integration, and customer support services

Call +371 67452206

Production switchers ( )

 Karrera Video Production Center - streamlined power for fast, efficient production switching.
The Karrera Video Production Center is Grass Valley's sleek, next-generation, mid-market switcher family that is primed to really tear up the track. The smartly priced Karrera is a finely-tuned switcher with high-performance features for fast, efficient production. The streamlined Karrera control panel efficiently brings the most-used functions front and center without losing the ability to quickly access features in-depth through panel shift levels and the menu. The panel incorporates top-of-the-line features such as bright, crisp OLED displays, and dynamic RGB LED pushbuttons for color-coding functions and source grouping. Its intuitive user interface ensures that running the Karrera will feel very familiar. Karrera also offers a unique 1 M/E soft panel and keyboard option for use in a secondary production suite or standalone applications. Sporting innovative features from both the Kayenne and Kayak switcher lines, Karrera simplifies multiple output production with DoubleTake split M/E mode, FlexiKey programmable clean feed, Transition Chaining, Source Rules, and Suites mode along with all the signal processing capability you would expect from the leader in switcher manufacturing.

Key features:
Fully digital 10-bit 4:2:2 video switcher with up to 96 inputs and 48 outputs
HD/SD SDI with optional up/down/crossconverters on multiple inputs and outputs
Half-M/E option available with cut/mix transitions and six linear/luminance keyers
Six keyers in every full M/E: four full-function keyers plus two linear/luminance keyers
Each full-function keyer has two pages (frames) of video and key storage to free up Image Store outputs and reduce the number of external graphics sources
Four internal DPMs (iDPMs) in each M/E with Kurl and Spektra
Four independent channels of eDPM with primary and secondary combiner outputs are available in the 8 RU frame
Optional DoubleTake split M/E mode effectively increases the number of M/Es (including half-M/E) to a total of up to 10 and now includes FlexiKey programmable clean feed mode for separately programmable configurations of keyers from four M/E outputs
Integrated macro editor allows users to edit macros online or offline on a PC running the menu application
Any partition can be placed into layered mode, providing composited video and key outputs from the M/Es
Aux bus transitions for dissolves and wipes on aux bus outputs
Interfaces with Grass Valley routers using Jupiter, Encore, and Prelude control systems as well as third-party routers
Jupiter and Prelude router control of Karrera aux buses
LDK Series camera control with Ethernet tally via LDK Connect Gateway
Store and recall still images from an internal ImageStorean integrated external ClipStore provides multiple channels of video/key pairs for up to 10+ hours of nonvolatile video/key/audio clip content
999 macros with many new ways to recall macros from the panel
1,000 E-MEM registers with Define E-MEM for fine control in creation and editing of effects
RGB color correction on M/E buses and aux bus outputs
System Control area with device control sub-sections, switched preview, and aux bus delegation, and macro controls
Low power consumption
Call +371 67452206

 Ignite line of integrated production solutions is the first and most complete link between the control room and newsroom. This combined hardware and software environment lets you produce and broadcast live newscasts and other programs with only one or two operatorsand its ideally suited for professional audio video applications, too.

Scalable systems for small-, medium-, and large-market applications
Systems support: Grass Valley KayakDD digital production switcher; Grass Valley Concerto Series routing switcher; Grass Valley CameraMan and LDK 300 cameras; Vinten, Radamec robotic cameras; All major newsroom computer systems; Most major third-party peripherals; Advanced hardware designed to increase I/O, ease of use, and system security with packaged firewall
Transition Macro Element (TME) timeline commands sent to individual modules creating an on-air event upon execution
NEW! Page/slug and story-level groupings for efficient identification and to address dynamic changes
Advanced rundown list provides a list of story, page/slug, and Transition Macro groups on the timeline linking an NRCS and an Ignite system
Automation directors can navigate through the rundown list, moving through one or more events on the synchronized timeline
Rundown monitor alerts users to any changes in the NRCS
Enhanced switcher layout makes two or more switcher M/Es visible simultaneously and easily configurable for application-specific tasks, such as traffic camera or talk-show switching
Enhanced Shot Box functionality helps configure button labels, colors, and functions for easy identification and tactile user interface
New! CG list display tracks CGs by slug/page
Dynamic script synchronization keeps scripts synched to timeline changes
Manual control enhancements: 352 color-coded configurable; News-FLASH hot keys; 147 configurable and assignable camera preset hot keys for robotic cameras; 17 CG hot keys per CG; Three-page audio layout with 16 configurable sliders per page
Call +371 67452206

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