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The development PBK (The First Baltic Channel)
TV studios is complete.

In January 2004 Hannu Pro engineers and PBK completed development of four TV studios to provide programmes for cable TV operators in all three Baltic States. This endeavour, including planning, delivery and commissioning, took nearly eight months to complete. The advanced and powerful system (worth USD 1 000 000) permits PBK to receive, process, translate and rebroadcast Russian ORT programmes to the cable networks, and provides own-programme recording and broadcasting as well. A new, state-of-the-art news studio allows PBK to supplement ORT programming with local news and other programmes in four local languages, for immediate transmission or delayed broadcast.

The project consists of a remote satellite reception station and terrestrial retransmission facility, which brings the signals to the decoder systems of the rebroadcast centre, which is located on Zakusala.

PBK rebroadcast diagram
»»» The additional information about PBK studio expansion projects is available here:

The rebroadcast centre is made up of three studios (for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia respectively). The studios are the most complex part of the project, as they are used to add content that is customised for each country (regionally targeted ads, latest news and programme information). The studios also cater for subtitling in all three Baltic languages. The augmented material is then sent to the respective cable networks via the Sirius satellite ground station.

A news studio and recording suite are provided for recording of local news programmes. The design of the news studio reproduces the design of the ORT studio to provide seamless integration of programmes for viewers accustomed to the traditional ORT studio interior. All content from the PBK news studio is recorded and processed in a dedicated recording suite; from there the signal is transmitted to three rebroadcast studios dedicated to the three Baltic States.

This advanced and technically complex project incorporates the latest equipment and solutions from world leaders in TV and transmission technology (Sony, Panasonic, Ikegami, DPS, Balcar, Fujitsu, Leitch and others). This expansion of technical resources will allow PBK to secure even better signal quality for the rebroadcast ORT programmes, together with enhancement of its own facilities. The development of the news and retranslation studios is also the next step towards digital broadcasting in Latvia, thanks to digital processing technology already implemented into the signal flow of the PBK rebroadcast centre.

PBK - news studio PBK - news studio (Balcar lights)
PBK - news studio (design) PBK - news studio (being tested)
PBK - news studio (Ikegami cameras) PBK - news studio PBK - news studio
PBK news studio - equipment (Ikegami, Balcar, Fujitsu) and the design,
developed to be similar to ORT news studio design

PBK - recording studio PBK - recording studio
PBK - GPS time system PBK - decoders
PBK recording studio, GPS time
and signal decoding systems.

PBK - rebroadcast studio for Latvia PBK - rebroadcast studio for Lithuania
PBK - rebroadcast studio for Estonia
PBK Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian
rebroadcast studios

PBK - permises in Zakusala TV building PBK - news studio (assembly process)
PBK - news studio (testing cameras)   PBK - news studio
PBK - system testing   PBK - system testing
PBK studios - assembling and testing stage.

PBK - in action! PBK - in action!
PBK news studio in action!

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