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Play-out automation and TV studio solution for LNK

With the beginning of the new TV season, LNK has started regular broadcasts from the largest, state-of-the-art, automated play-out studio in the Baltic region. Based on the latest Grass Valley and Aveco products and solutions, it was developed and set up at the end of this summer by Hannu Pro, with installation and audio equipment delivery services supported by Lithuanian company TVC. 

LNK automated playout system

Equipment delivered by Hannu Pro include:
· Grass Valley Infinity series SD/HD ENG tape-less cameras supporting recording on non-linear REV Pro and/or standard flash media, which unlike other broadcast cameras allows the customer to choose between PAL or NTSC signal standards; SD or HD 720-1080 resolution; DV, J2000, MPEG compression algorithms; and frame rate of 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60 f.p.s. when a particular recording is started rather than these being set at the factory at the time of purchase
· K2, a fully redundant 12-channel, shared Fiber Channel storage video server from Grass Valley – the leader in broadcast server sales. The K2 has many unique features that other server manufacturers can only dream about – back-to-back playback of DV and MPEG clips, FTP transfers at speeds of 80MB/s (in current LNK configuration), separated, redundant and controllable iSCSI, control, and FTP networks. The LNK configuration is easy to upgrade from its current 180MB/s total bandwidth, which provides up to 30 channels at 50Mb/s, to 300MB/s, and further to 1500 MB/s with custom expansion to support even more SD or HD channels. In just the first 6 months since its introduction, Grass Valley has sold K2 installations for more than 3000 channels acknowledging the superiority of K2 server technology and continuing the winning story of GV Profile - the mother of all servers
· Grass Valley M-Series DDR with 2-in and 2-out channels, which accompanies the K2 server in the play-out studio equipment line-up
· latest Grass Valley Kayak 1.5 ME and 2.5 ME studio mixers, with HD support, controll of K2 server ports, M-series DDR or VTR's and fully integrated with facility-wide mnemonics, tally and router control. A standard production item, Kayak has the features that help producers achieve a unique TV program look with ease and elegance of control
· Maestro A+B Master control mixers providing great possibilities for channel branding and development diversification with DVE, 8 flexible keyers, logos, animations, text input, audio-overs, Dolby E handling, and more
· six 14bit LDK 400 Digital Triax equipped studio cameras supporting 4:3 and 16:9 formats
· Grass Valley Concerto 64x64 SDI studio routers and a Jupiter control system handling video, audio, RS422, tallys, and mnemonic flow through the facility - from ingest to play-out
· a first in the Baltic region - an Aveco-based multi-channel automation system with planned upgrade from an initial two A+B programms, to six in the near future.

Playout studio

LNK playout studio - Grass Valley Maestro systems for LNK, TV1 and additional channels in futureLNK playout studio - Grass Valley Maestro systems for LNK, TV1 and additional channels in future

LNK playout studio - playout terminal

LNK playout studio - playout terminalLNK playout studio - ingest terminal

Grass Valley Maestro master control mixers and Aveco program automation control tools (ingest
and playout terminals), which together provide full control of all signal flow through the facility
At present, from Maestro play-out mixer 1, LNK programs are broadcast to analogue and
DVB-T terrestrial networks, and mixer 2 transmits TV1 programs to the Sirius satellite
system. In the near future, the number of channels broadcast from the play-out
studio will be increased to 6 or even more, each composed of up to two sources.


Large studio

LNK large studioLNK large studio

LNK large studio

Grass Valley Kayak 2.5 ME mixer
for program production.


Machine room and second studio


The controls of the machine room.

The climate system of the machine roomApple Xsan RAID and serversGrass Valley K2 servers

K2 server - AppCenterK2 server - Transfer MonitorK2 server systems

Aveco automation system serversJupiter control systemTV camera controllers

Kayak and Maestro systemsKayak and Concerto systemsother equipment

Machine room equipped with climate system - the home for main studio equipment.
Fully redundant K2 servers, Aveco servers, Jupiter control system, TV studio camera controllers,
Kayak, Maestro and Concerto systems, Apple Xsan RAID and server and equipment.

LNK second studioLNK second studio - M-series DDR

Second studio with Kayak 1.5 ME mixer and M-series DDR.


TV studio

LNK TV studio - Grass Valley LDK 400 camerasLNK TV studio - Grass Valley LDK 400 cameras

LNK TV studio - Grass Valley LDK 400 camerasLNK TV studio - Grass Valley LDK 400 cameras

LNK TV studio - Grass Valley LDK 400 cameras

TV studio with six Grass Valley
LDK 400 broadcast cameras.



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