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Hannu Pro partner news from IBC 2012

IBC 2012 Grass Valley

IBC 2012 - the largest in Europe broadcast technology forum has closed. With number of visitors exceeding 50.5 thousand it was the best-attended event in IBC history. After returning from Amsterdam, where Hannu Pro management and engineers spent seven days having direct communication with representatives of leading broadcast equipment manufacturers, we have summed-up most notable news form our partners.

Grass Valley took the bold step of revealing a product roadmap for the next three years that includes “refreshing” its entire product portfolio with a common, software-centric architecture that allows customers to pick the exact features and functionality of the cameras, production switchers and servers. New products to be introduced before 2014 will be format agnostic, will provide complete integration and support for 1080p 50/60 workflow.
During IBC 2012 Grass Valey already demoed impressive array of new developments:
· new line of broadcast cameras including LDX Premiere, LDX Elite and LDX WorldCam. Based on Xensium-FT CMOS imager technology and having uncompromised performance in 1080p50/60, full compatibility with Grass Valley's line of 3G transmission solutions, the LDX series is the industry's most advanced range of cameras. With LDX series Grass Vallley offers future proof technology so customer can start purchasing LDX camera with entry-level feature set and gradually upgrade same hardware to fully featured broadcast camera. The camera base station is also redesigned to become a mobile solution, which allows change camera base station location as desired
· new Karrera and Kayene broadcast switchers with full 1080p and multi viewer functionality support, providing vast array of module and configuration options to choose from

new K2 Summit 3G media server fully supporting all TV formats including 1080p/60 and optional DNxHD codec for ingest, storage and playout, the new K2 Summit 3G also features peer to peer networking, enabling all content to be shared between channels across stand alone K2 Summits without a complex shared storage infrastructure

· new K2 Dyno S replay controller, featuring more switcher-style buttons, a larger touchscreen display with gesturing, new panel styling that features ergonomic enhancements to reduce physical strain on the operator
· new K2 Edge Smart Playout Center platform can now provide the whole gamut of delivery and publishing solutions from traditional master control through to IT-centric server-based solutions, combining automation, replay, graphics, switching and branding
· new STRATUS enables customers to connect various components within their facility into seamless workflows whilst simply creating customized user interfaces per job function. Ingest, metadata logging, editing and play-out are amongst the many use cases to which STRATUS can bring phenomenal efficiencies
· Edius 6.5 - the latest version of professional nonlinear video editing software
· improved T2 intelligent disc recorder/server - faster, safer, expanded and with more features
»»» additional information about Grass Valley new developments is available at Grass Valley website

Thomson Video Networks
· new generation ViBE EM4000 HD multistandard encoder (supports up to 8 channel encoding) and ViBE CP6000 multiformat, high-performance platform for contribution of live video - both providing most efficient and powerful signal compression in the industry, as well as Flextream 2.0 statistical multiplexing solution offering greatly improved VRB encoding efficiency
· new NetProcessor 9030/40 multiplexer with new feature to support DVB-T2 networking, including encoding and SFN adaptation, as well as DVB-T2 MI reverse gateway functionality

Amethyst III IP switcher - new 1+1 redundancy solution between multiple MPEG transport streams over IP networks

»»» additional information about Thomson Video Networks developments is available at company's website

· AVC Ultra - Panasonic sets the new standards for image quality introducing codec family to support visually loseless signal quality up to 4:4:4, 12 bits, with a range of up to 4K resolution. The AVC Ultra family also includes an AVCProxy codec designed specifically for quick breaking news applications and fast off-line editing. Based on AVC Long Gop it is twice efficiency of current MPEG2-GOP solutions
· new generation of professional cameras - AVC Ultra upgradeable AG-HPX600 and compact AG-AC90
»»» detailed information is available at Panasonic website

· new version of Maestro enterprise graphics solution with fully integrated GMAM media asset management system
· new Mopho 3.0 3D character generator with many new features, improved usability and ease of use, supporting connection to external systems and data sources

New lenses:
· XA77x9.5BESM stunning HD long tele-photo lens with improved image stabilization, excellent macro functionality incorporating Fujinon dustproof/anti-fogging technology

ZK4.7x19SAM and ZK3.5x85SAM PL mount motorized zoom lenses with extended functionality appealing to a cine-style shooter

· compact XA19x7.4BESM and HA19x7.4BE lenses suited for high-end ENG/EFP HDTV production, including entertainment, news, sports, and documentaries
»»» detailed information is available at FujiFilm website

· RN.344.SI card provides RockNet integration for any Soundcraft SI Compact console via the console's expansion slot
· new MediorNet MN-GV-2 card allows the user to network Grass Valley 3G camera systems and base station including the LDK and the brand new LDX series via MediorNet in distances up to 80 km

· new generation mc² console will surprise by its new dimension of intuitive operation, efficiency, flexibility and ease of use
· V__pro8 small footprint video processing unit, the perfect solution to build bridges between video formats, allows connecting signals of different video formats, high quality cross format conversion, colour correction, embedding and de-embedding and more
»»» detailed information is available at Lawo website


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