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Hannu Pro supports Supernova Grand Finale by providing
unique CuePilot solution to streamline live production


Supernova | Eurovision 2017

Hannu Pro supports Supernova Grand Finale - the final local LTV show before the Eurovison 2017 - by providing unique CuePilot solution to streamline live production. During the Grand Finale show CuePilot is going to orchestrate the show working in conjunction with Grass Valley mixer allowing programme director and his team to focus on creative tasks.

"Hannu Pro closely follows to the evolution of technology and the latest developments in the industry while keeping in touch to industry professionals ascertaining their needs. To facilitate efficient use of the latest technological achievements in production of more sophisticated programs, we are interested to support aspiring talents, who aim to artistic and technical perfection, those who show convincing potential and willingness to use technology in creative way. Supernova is a great example of creative teamwork and we believe that our support will inspire even wider range of TV programme directors to strive towards new challenges outside everyday routine" explains Kalvis Baumanis - Hannu Pro CEO

Extensively used in X Factor DK, Melodifestivalen, Eurovision Song Contest and other live productions, CuePilot is the first ever dedicated software for Live TV production allowing to unite the whole production, from first rehearsal to live broadcast.

In pre-production show directors and editors can test and plan every vision mixer edit, as well as cues for performers and stage staff, allowing production of TV shows as tight and up-beat as if they were music videos. During the actual live broadcast, all team-members and cameras has an overview of the entire production as well as visual cues to when they have the next shot. With the CuePilot App, entire production team knows exactly what happens next.

Read more and follow the latest developments at supernova.lsm.lv


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