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Hannu Pro partner stories - Barnfind Technologies In A Nutshell

Barnfind Technologies


Barnfind is most famous with its transparent and extremely effective signal transport solution, handling many signal formats in single 1U frame.

Three in one - BarnOne provides routing (32x32 router), conversion (signal converter), and multiplexing (up to 16 CWDM channels and 88 DWDM channels) for your electrical or optical signals.

BarnOne - 1U 32x32 crosspoint bidirectional matrix supports SFP (MSA compliant), BNC, CWDM, AES3 I/O or Analogue with AES embedding/de-embedding for automation, fibre transport, multiplexing, routing, conversion, distribution, IP/Ethernet, 4K 60p workflows, world class CAM-CCU and more. BarnOne is available in multiple configurations with various number of fixed I/O and modular SFP ports, so everyone can opt for optimal solution to accommodate their needs. BarnOne allows data transmission to the distances as far as 40 and even 80 km.

Barnfind also offers modular approach with BTF-Mini-16 slot modular supporting automatic redundancy switching and allowing:

• Coax-SFP with Barn Mini 01
• SFP-SFP with Barn Mini 02 and 12
• HDMI-SFP with Barn Mini 03 and 04
• GPIO-Ethernet providing GPI/O, 422/485/DMX over Ethernet (including LSL Tally & UDM support) with Barn Mini 05
• Optical changeover/multiplexing/splitting with Barn Mini 06, 07, and 08
• Coax-SFP with Barn Mini 11
• 10G Ethernet-Fiber with Barn Mini 22

Barnfind products in parallel with TV and content production also accommodate new segments such as Oil & Gas, Digital Signage, Telemedicine/Healthcare, Campus Networks, Government Applications, Industry, CCTV/Security, Defense, Conference, Events, House of Worship and many more.

Hannu Pro offers complete Barnfind system (BTF1-02, BTF1-07 and BT-HOUS-LGX) demonstration. Barnfind data transmission system is also available for rent - system details can be found here (.pdf)

For additional information about Barnfind - the most comprehensive data transmission solutions, please, contact your Hannu Pro product specialist.


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